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What happens in the first session?

After settling in and filling in some paperwork, you are given space to talk about you, why you are here, and what you are wanting to achieve.

You can bring whatever issues you feel to, taking your time, and going into whatever detail you feel comfortable doing. I will ask some questions so that I can get a clear picture and understand in greater detail what you are experiencing. I will make a few notes, as we are talking, in case there is anything that we need to explore or come back to.

I will take care to help you focus, especially if I feel you have too much going on. Together we can clarify what is the most pressing issue and go deeper with that if you feel to. It is your session and it is important that it unfolds at your pace.


I might make suggestions of actions you can explore, but my main task is a holding one, you have all the wisdom you need within you, I am providing the space where you can gently access that and explore how to bring that wisdom into your daily life.

How do the sessions run?

You can have just one session to try, see how we get on, or you can book a whole series of sessions. It’s up to you, there is no pressure from me except to ask you to turn up if booked or to cancel ahead of time if not coming.


Sessions are one hour long, and can be in person, locations and lockdowns permitting, or online via Zoom. Cost: AU$60 for an hour face-to-face or via Zoom, and it you’re connecting from the UK it’s £35 which can be paid into a UK bank account.


Many of us hold back our expression, mainly because we are fearful of other people‘s reactions. How can we get past this fear? If we live in a truthful way, then our expression will carry that truth and it may well be what the other person needs to hear.

If we live with a constant need for approval or to be liked, then it is possible that our expression is purely aimed at getting that feedback, which serves no one.

The trick is to discern what we are aligned to before we speak and to know if we are speaking for ourselves or to serve others and we can only serve others if they call for it. We often say things because we want to teach people a lesson but if they haven’t asked for the lesson who are we to impose it upon them?

- Carmel Reid

Timberly Williams

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