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Counselling Services with Carmel Reid

For Harmony in Self, at Work, in Life

Counsellor in Lismore, Goonellabah and online

Call to connect: 0481 102 861

Or contact us here.


Carmel has a warm and understanding approach to counselling, and loves to help people to understand themselves and appreciate who they truly are and what they bring to the world.

Carmel is an experienced coach and counsellor having provided over 20 years personal development coaching and counselling in London and the East of England. Her sessions have included small business skills workshops, facilitating management development, and supporting Suffolk Chamber of Commerce members on their public speaking skills.

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When it comes to personal issues, Carmel is a diploma-level counsellor both in the UK and Australia, helping private individuals with their self-esteem, confidence, their interpersonal relationships, and their day-to-day life issues.

Carmel has always had an interest in people and what makes them tick, and she helps individuals and groups to talk about and reflect upon their lives, to recognise their strengths and to identify areas for change, and then to work towards making those changes, at their own pace.


Now settled in Australia with Australian Citizenship, Carmel is happy to offer sessions by phone, video or face-to-face (COVID Restrictions permitting). Contact Carmel for more information.

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